about us

Our main purpose is to excel in global commodity trading by delivering high-quality service and products.

The Business

Bimesur S.A. is a highly experienced global trading company Established in 2010 with the single purpose of sourcing food and other commodities to clients around the world.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail In every single transaction we make, we follow our guiding values of integrity, efficiency, collaboration and precision.

These values are the foundation of our commitment to our clients, and of our constant dedication to making a difference.

the way we operate

Our team of experienced staff is fully trained in anticipating customer needs and providing ideal solutions for our customers’ requirements.

Document handling, precise customs regulation knowledge, agreements with maritime companies, follow up of the routes and transit times all these contribute and make our service swift and efficient.

Our company’s global logistics network is managed with precision to guarantee the timely delivery of each shipment We combine different means of transports water, land, air and rail to assure each order is delivered on time and at the most competitive price.


The products we commericialize

At Bimesur the aim is to deliver the best quality to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and surpassing their expectations

Aluminium & Others

Food & Beverage

the market

We have an extensive expertise and in depth knowledge of the countries in which we operate, enabling us to navigate their unique business landscapes with proficiency.

Since Bimesur S.A. was founded, we have been developing deep knowledge over the regions that the company attaches, recognizing the needs of each country and developing products that match their requirements.

Each country has specific needs, whether its the timescales, shipping, logistics or documents requirements, knowing and managing these can make a difference to your business.

Our sales team is dedicated and committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with both our clients and suppliers, this has enabled Bimesur S.A. to grow systematically to become one of the recognized player in its area of expertise.

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    our offices


    Av. Sucre 2074 of.7 – Beccar
    Phone: +54 11 4719 6969


    R. Bela Cintra, 1760/23.
    (CEP:01415-001) – Jardins – Sao Pablo


    Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1052. oficina 1402. Torres del Puerto.
    Phone: +598 2622 9942
    (CEP:11300) – Montevideo


    Av da Liberdade, 245, 4°A.
    Phone: +351215844635
    (CP:1250-143 ) – Lisbon
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